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Escort 2 Litre Modern Spec

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Escort Mk2 Group 4 that has had a lot of money spent on it new Reiger and RIX,s suspension supplied and fitted by C.Bradely Motorsport
6 linked and turreted
15” tubs
2.0 all steel dry sumped with Jenvey fuel injection

Tractive 6 speed gearbox
Fully floating Atlas
Zig LSD with 4.6

Rix X-member
Kylie Clinton quick rack with electric power steering
Bias pedal box
Lightweight loom
Hydraulic hand brake
Group 4 alloy injection tank
Toe correction for axle
Reiger 3way in front RCV in back
Wrc setup in front

New throttle cables
New exhaust
New sump guard
New fireeater
New bushings
Trotle body’s recondition
New grill and headlight

Fresh coat of paint

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Toomebridge, BT41 3TP

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