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Articulated Dream "Popup And Slide"

We are a company that specialises in supplying and manufacturing (since 1961) the finest bespoke handcrafted "state of the art semi-trailer" luxury motorhomes featuring slide outs (expandable) and popup (two story) technologies, for travelling professionals who have the need for a “home from home”, whilst undertaking their professional activities.

Whether you be a Formula One Driver, Race Car Driver, Moto GP Rider, Professional Cyclist, Actor, Music Artist, Golfer, Equestrian Rider or any other professional who needs luxury accommodation at an event, then the Visibly Loud "Articulated Dream" luxury motorhome which can boast up to ±80m² / ±800 ft² of usable living space (model dependant) will give you a sanctuary to escape to, where you can relax in an environment that has been tailored around your individual needs.

From the initial concept through to the completed project, every aspect of your bespoke manufactured motorhome has been created and assembled by specialists and artisans that are dedicated and passionate about their work and creations.

Our service includes:

• Professional Consultancy and Guidance

From the very start of a project till the very end, we will be at the clients’ disposal providing the appropriate level of assistance and guidance in all matters pertaining to the project

• Tailored Projects and Floorplans

Each project is based upon the client’s personal input and for this reason we will prepare a unique floorplan that fulfils all criteria’s and stipulations.

Our motorhomes feature:

• Custom Built “High Grade” Steel Chassis

All our chassis are manufactured in house and are purposely developed to meet the demands of the project being undertaken. At the request of the client, our chassis’ can undergo “Hot-Dip Galvanization”, which is a surface coating process whose sole purpose is to protect the “High Grade” steel chassis from corrosion. The surface coating is obtained by immersing the bespoke manufactured chassis (up to 15.00 metres in length) in a molten zinc tank at a temperature of about 450° centigrade.

• Stainless Steel Bodywork

A vast percentage of the bodywork is formed from stainless steel and is designed to work in harmony with the steel chassis and the galvanised skeleton structure. Our luxury motorhomes are manufactured for longevity and it is for this reason that we prefer not use aluminium in our construction, since it is a known fact that aluminium and steel do not work in harmony due to the diverse characteristics as well as the increased risk of galvanic corrosion (also known a bimetallic corrosion).

• Rapidly Deployable / Quick to Setup

Our luxury motorhomes are fitted with 24 V / 230 V hydraulic pumps and therefore, can be fully opened and operational within 20 - 30 minutes of arriving at a venue. Shoreline or generator power is not needed for this process.

• KNX Home Automation System (Optional)

Known for being a universal standard in the home automation industry, KNX can simplify everyday tasks for the motorhome owner as well as providing comfort and versatility in the management of power consumption, heating, lighting and access control systems. The Home Automation System is tailored to suit the needs of the client.

• Roof Terrace or Double Roof

Our luxury motorhomes can be manufactured to feature a roof terrace or incorporate our unique “Double Roof” system. The Double Roof system offers additional protection from the natural elements, such as the sun (temperature management), rain (prevention of water ingress during packing down) and snow (building up on top of the slideouts).

• Comprehensive Temperature and Sound Insulation

We appreciate the importance of temperature management and external noise suppression within the motorhome and for this reason the thickness of our walls is approximately 9.00cm thick, comprising of external skin, temperature and sound insulation and finally internal skin and trim.

• Winter Pack

Our luxury motorhomes are manufactured for use all year round and for this reason they feature a “Winter Pack” which will inhibit freezing of the water systems when external ambient temperatures sink below 5 degrees centigrade.

Our technologies can be applied to a multitude of other industries including Outside Broadcasting, Mobile Clinics, Mobile Retailing, Mobile Showrooms to name a few.

To learn more about our products or services, visit

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