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Mitsubishi Evolution EVO 6 TMA rear AYC diff
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Up for sale is 1999 Mitsubishi EVO 6 AYC rear differential + including 2 x brand new drive shafts LEFT& RIGHT (driven 145km) Removed from my street car with 95 000km, which was turned into a rally car. Car is an EVO 6/ VI Japanese market vehicle with AYC rear differential set-up It fits EVO IV / V / VI Its a used item,...

€350 EUR

MICHELIN 195/50/17 -  PIRELLI 205/45/17
 : 8 |   : 0

MICHELIN 195/50/17 - A21’s/A11’s PIRELLI 205/45/17 - RK7A/RK5/RKW7A Michelin A21 (mediums) all in excellent condition ! Michelin A11 (soft only done a 5 road miles on them , All Pirelli’s are as new , The RK5 is brand new and the rest have only done 5 miles on the road! All tyres are less then a year old....

£1,750 GBP

Xtrac 411-42M-0A-1335 Layshaft Set 13:35 Ratio
 : 7 |   : 0

Xtrac 411-42M-0A-1335 Layshaft Set 13:35 Ratio. It appears to be brand new and unused New gear set. The price shown is for this one pair of gears. Listed for sale elsewhere, may be removed at any time. Who are we? Msport Sales Ltd is a Midlands based company offering a disposal service to the Motorsport Industry. We are...

£795 GBP

Endless Race Brake Pads GT3
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Endless Endurance Brake Pads for sale To fit the Brembo B28 Family of Calipers These pads were 25mm thick when new. This set is still 25mm thick having just been bedded in. Free UK Delivery is included in the price. For a scale drawing of the Pad, please see Page 24...

£55 GBP

Porsche 911 EXE-TC Race Shock Absorbers & Springs
 : 7 |   : 0

Porsche 911 EXE-TC Race Shock Absorbers complete with springs Removed from a Racecar in excellent condition (Trade affiliations meant a change of supplier) Listed for sale elsewhere, may be removed at any time. Who are we? Motorsport Sales Ltd is a Midlands based company offering a surplus Stock disposal service to the...

£2,995 GBP

Benetton B191 OZ Formula 1 Wheel Set
 : 11 |   : 0

Benetton B191 OZ Formula One Wheel Set 2 x Front & 2 x Rear Rims These wheels appear to be either brand new, or beautifully refurbished, they show no signs of even having tyres mounted on them, and there are no valve stems or wheel weights fitted. There are some minute storage marks (they have been in storage for many years) as shown in the...

£1,895 GBP

AP Racing 7 1/4" Carbon Clutch Parts
 : 12 |   : 0

One Clutch Cover with 1 set of used carbon plates, 4 intermediate + 3 driven, but #4 intermediate is cracked. No Hub!! A second Cover with 1 intermediate plate + 2 driven plates No Hub!! And the valuable parts of the package; 1 x CP3623-101(4) 51014 HR 0.00 2 x CP3623-105(4) 56422 HR 1.00 2 x...

£475 GBP

Porsche 911 RSR Slide Throttle Assembly and Bosch
 : 12 |   : 0

Porsche 911 RSR Slide Throttle Assembly and Bosch Mechanical Injection Pump. The full history of these items is not known, the pump turns over and feels smooth, but it may require checking and setting up to suit your application, please consider and allow for that when making an offer/purchase. The Throttle slides have the name (SPEEDY) cast...

£4,250 GBP

OZ Centre Lock Magnesium 19" x 11" Wheels
 : 13 |   : 0

OZ Centre Lock Magnesium 19" x 11" Wheels fitted with tyre pressure senders 15mm Drive pegs in each wheel. 190mm Offset from inside of hub face to inside of the rim Offered for sale as one lot of four wheels, gloss black finish. Listed for sale elsewhere, may be removed at any time. Shipping is not included, I can strap to a pallet...

£750 GBP

Victor® VTS700E Extra High Capacity Regulators
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Victor® Model VTS700E Extra High Capacity Inert Gas Two Stage Regulators MX Input Pressure 3,000 PSIG Offered for sale as a Pair, Condition unknown, but appear to be totally serviceable. Victor® VTS 700 Series Two Stage heavy-duty Inert Gas Regulator offers 10 - 200 PSIG delivery range and is ideal applications that need precise as w...


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Benetton B191 Rear Wing Flap
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Benetton B191 Rear Wing Flap, a unique part that is simply not able to be purchased very often. The price may seem high, but it would have cost significantly more when originally produced, and surely this is the ultimate "Man Cave" decorative piece. A genuine part from Benetton used on the 1991 Cosworth/Benetton B191 This is a...

£943.50 GBP

time left: 12 w, 0 d

Subaru Impreza Dogbox Kaps
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Subaru Impreza Dogbox Kaps Group N Ratios - 5 Speeds 4.44 diffs ratios Only one test fter revisioned NEW!! DCCD Lsd Inclued Rear Diff - Lsd 4.44 Inclued Rear Transmission to fit the diff Price 5000€ Cd Email: Phone number: +351913141480 Location: Leiria, Portugal Payment: Only Cash on C...

€5,000 EUR

time left: 6 w, 3 d

Nissan SR20 VET 400bhp
 : 5 |   : 0

For Sale Nissan SR20VET engine 400hp - 10.000rpm fully rebuilt everything new inside New pistons and gaskets ARP head studs King Racing Main and Big end bearings

€3,500 EUR

time left: 15 w, 0 d